DIY avocado hair mask ingredients

DIY Natural Hair Mask Recipe

This recipe is natural, vegan, and good enough to eat. It’s packed with hair-loving vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to encourage smooth hair which is easy to style. Read more

coffee break

Back From Break … Yay!

Apparently I took a coffee break a few months ago and never came back. I’m so sorry for going MIA for so long. A lot has happened in that time. Read more

how to make your hair shiny

5 Natural Ways to Increase Hair Shine

No matter if it’s long or short, curly or straight – shiny hair has always been a head-turner. Here are five different tips you can try out to increase hair shine. Read more

all girls road trip essentials

All Girls Road Trip Essentials

We’ve put together a list of the basics all girls should have with them when they are embarking on an adventurous road trip. Read more

How to Wear White Jeans With Confidence

Whether you recently had a baby or you just feel awkward about wearing white pants because of your body shape, here are four tips to help you rock this warm-weather trend with confidence. Read more

woman holding hands up to eyes

3 Ways to Use Activated Charcoal in Your Hair & Beauty Routine

Say hello to the best skin and hair of your life (using activated charcoal)! Read more

woman on laptop

Why I Started a Fashion Blog

Pixie Chat is a fashion and beauty blog for girls with short hair. This post explains how the idea for the site came about and why I started it. Read more

Selwa Luke's platinum blonde pixie cut

My Platinum Pixie Cut Transformation

A time-lapse video of my transformation from dark brown to platinum blonde pixie cut by Charlotte NC hairstylist, Kate Duffy (@katethegreat704) at Suite Nectar Salons in Matthews. Read more

Short haired girl with balloons

Perfect Birthday Gift Ideas for Pixie Cut Girls

Pixie cut girls have unique taste, and you’ve got to honor that. To make it easier on you to honor your gorgeous friend, here’s a list of potential bday presents that will definitely put a smile on her face. Read more

Jasmine Smyth pixie cut

Journey to a Pixie Cut: Guest Post by Jasmine Smyth

Fellow pixie and writer, Jasmine Smyth, shares how she went from short-hair loather to short-hair lover! Read more

5 ways to style a pixie cut by @nickitea

5 Ways to Style a Pixie Cut From @nickitea

For some women, long hair defines your style, your look, and your attitude. But you took the plunge into pixie cut land and you’re feeling a bit lost. Well, have no fear, Nickitea is here! Read more

Woman with sunlight in her hair

Going Green for Better Skin and Hair Glow

This guest post by Peter Minkoff explores the dangers of conventional skin and hair care products and how to switch to natural, organic care. Read more

A Pixie Bride: Short Wedding Hairstyle Inspiration From Erin Wakefield

If you’re looking for short wedding hairstyles, check out this guest post from pixie-haired bride, Erin Wakefield, for inspiration. Read more

fashion blogging

5 Reasons Instagram Hasn’t Replaced the Fashion Blog

For hobbyist fashionistas, Instagram may be perfectly suitable as a blogging platform. But for serious fashion bloggers and people who are looking to build a business that hinges on continual content creation, there are several reasons why I think you should never rely solely on social media. Read more

Paula Joseph's gray pixie haircut

Embracing Your Inner Silver Fox: How a Gray Pixie Cut Can Trim Years Off Your Face

Gray-haired pixie, Paula Joseph, shares how embracing her short silver locks boosted her confidence and helped her feel more comfortable in her own skin. Read more

5 Pixies to Follow on Instagram

5 Pixie Fashionistas You Should Follow On Instagram

If you’re looking for some beauty tips, outfit inspiration, or a reason to cut off all your hair, here are 5 lovely ladies whose photos you should definitely double-tap when you have some time. Read more

@ezmialove growing out a pixie

How to Gracefully Grow Out Your Pixie Cut: 10 Tips From @ezmialove

We reached out to @ezmialove on Instagram and asked her to share her story and advice for growing out a pixie cut! In this post, we share her top ten tips. Read more

Get Your Spring Hair Detox On!

Follow these steps to get your hair detox on and keep those loveable locks looking flawless. Read more

Write for us -

Pixie Chat Has Launched! And We Need Your Help… has officially launched, and we’re looking for contributors! If you like to blog (or record videos) about beauty, hair, or style, check out this post for details on how to submit your content. Read more

"Short hair removes obvious femininity and replaces it with style."

5 Tips to Look Effortlessly Feminine with a Pixie Cut

Some women are afraid to get a pixie cut, because they fear it might make them look or feel less “feminine.” Here are 5 tips to help you rock short hair with confidence and not feel like a teenage boy. Read more

blonde pixie cut

Tips for Going Blonde with a Pixie Cut

Thinking about dyeing your brunette pixie blonde? Here are some things to consider before you breakout the bleach. Read more

Ginnifer Goodwin & Josh Dallas

Celebrity #pixiecrush: Ginnifer Goodwin

Our second celebrity #pixiecrush edition goes to … Ginnifer Goodwin! Once upon a time, she had long hair. Then she cut it off, and the world went crazy. Oh how we love her as a pixie… Read more

pixie cut black and white photo

Should You Get a Pixie Cut? 5 Important Considerations

Considering getting a pixie cut, but aren’t sure if it’s right for you? Here are some things to consider before you take the plunge into pixie land. Read more

growing out a pixie

How to Grow Out a Pixie Cut on a Budget

Maintaining short haircuts can get expensive, fast; but so can growing them out. Here are 3 practical tips for growing out your pixie cut when funds are limited. Read more

car selfie

Why I Cut My Hair Again

I made it an entire year through growing out a pixie cut and successfully achieved an ear-length bob. And then I cut it off again… in this post, I explain why. Read more

blow drying hair across face

10 Reasons to Keep Your Pixie Cut

Trying to decide whether to keep your pixie cut? Read this post for 10 reasons to stay short, despite pressure from everyone else to grow it out. Read more

Shailene Woodley hat

Celebrity #pixiecrush: Shailene Woodley

Shailene Woodley rocks a pixie cut like a BOSS. We think so, at least. Which is why we’ve decided to feature her in our very first celebrity #pixiecrush. Just in time for #wcw… Read more

10 Reasons to Grow Out Your Pixie Cut

If you’re thinking of growing out your pixie cut and need a little motivation, here are 10 reasons to bite the bullet and say bye to short hair. Read more

Pixie Style Spotlight: Chess Board Photo Shoot

We went to Hilton Head this summer with the fam. The house we stayed in had a pool table and a giant floor chessboard in the garage, and my husband and I thought it would be fun to use them as props in a photo shoot. Here are some of our favorite photos. Read more