Back From Break … Yay!

coffee break

Guys, it’s been a while…

Apparently I took a coffee break a few months ago and never came back. I’m so sorry for going MIA for so long. A lot has happened in that time:

  • Lost job — Oct. 2016
  • House on the market — Oct. 2016
  • House sold — Dec. 2016
  • Moved in with in-laws — Dec. 2016
  • Anti-Christmas vacation (long story … visit my other website if you’re interested.) — Dec. 2016
  • Finally got serious about building business & hired nephew on to help — Nov. 2016
  • Started to wonder if the whole fashion-blogging thing was for me — Nov. 2016
  • Decided to take a break from Pixie Chat — Nov. 2016
  • Cut hair razor short to get rid of the blonde (mostly) — Jan. 2017
  • Decided to grow hair out — Feb. 2017
  • Moved into apartment — March 2017
  • Baby turned one — March 2017
  • Toddler turns three — April 2017
  • Started posting pics to Instagram again — March 2017

If you visited this site and put your name in the hat to get featured on our Instagram account, and you never got featured, I’m sorry. Either your profile was private, your pics didn’t make the cut (harsh truth, I know), or I somehow missed your submission. Feel free to submit it again if you’d like. I’m back and here to say (hopefully … I know I said that last time too.)

A Couple of announcements:

Our Facebook group is not far from hitting 1K members! Y’all don’t know how proud and excited that makes me. I started that lil’ group a few years ago when I first decided to grow out my hairs (epic FAIL BTW), and didn’t even really try to promote it. I see members posting their progress pics up there every day and it seriously gives me the warm fuzzies. So, please keep it up if you’re a member. And if you’re not currently a member, and would like to provide some inspiration and encouragement to other ladies around the world who are going through the grueling process of #growingoutapixie, please join us!

We are searching for contributors who would like to write  for Pixie Chat (or film—vloggers welcome too!) I’d really love for this community to grow organically, but in order for that to happen, I can’t be the only face on here. Y’all know you’d get tired of seeing my mug all the time. Also, I’m super awkward in front of the camera, sooo … if you’re a fun-loving fashion- or beauty-savvy person who doesn’t mind striking a pose every now and then please hit me up at We’ love to add your voice (or face) to our community.

I’ve actually got a guest post coming soon from beauty blogger, Louisa Rose over at Body Health Love. Keep your eye out for that to publish in the next few days.

See you soon!

<3 <3 <3 — Selwa Luke

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