Company Instagram Features | Policies and Procedures


Payment: Upon receiving your application, we will schedule your feature to be posted and send you an invoice. Full payment must be received within 48 hours of invoicing, or your feature will be delayed. If we do not receive payment within one week, you will need to reapply. We accept payment via PayPal only. You may set up a free account if you don’t have one currently.

Collection of information: All relevant information, including shop name, product(s) offered, links, discount codes and photo credit requests, must be provided in the feature application. Any missing information will cause your feature to be delayed.

Sharing our photo: @PixieChatPix will provide you with a photo that you must post to your Instagram account before your feature is to go live. You must tag @PixieChatPix in the comments and the post must be left up for at least 24 hours after we post your feature. After that, you may choose to remove it from your page, but we’d prefer that you leave it up. The success of your feature depends on our follower count, and we ask all shops to share our page in an effort to boost those numbers. Plus, it’s just good karma. ūüėČ


Selection of photo(s): @PixieChatPix will select the image(s) to use for the Instagram feature from the photos on your Instagram feed and/or website. We will only use high-quality photos that represent your brand and align with our mission. When you pay for a feature, you are giving @PixieChatPix permission to use and/or modify any of the photos on your Instagram feed and/or website for this purpose. It is your responsibility to notify @PixieChatPix if we need to give photo credit to a photographer when posting the image(s) and if you need to see the image(s) we choose prior to the creation of your feature, please indicate this in your application. We will notify you of the date of posting at least 48 hours in advance.

Length of placement: Paid features will remain on our feed indefinitely and will not be removed unless you ask. However, @PixieChatPix does reserve the right to remove paid features if a problem arises, and if we choose to do so, you’ll be notified by email. No refunds will be offered.

Discounts & promotions: You may choose to advertise a discount or promotion with your Instagram feature; however, it must apply to every item in your shop. We will not publish information related to discounts for single or specific items. Examples of promotions include: free shipping, a percentage off or a dollar amount off. Discount codes must be offered with no strings attached; we will not instruct our followers to follow you or promote your page or photos in exchange for a special offer. We believe this to be in your best interest, since customers are less likely to participate in a sale if there are complicated barriers to entry.

Giveaways:¬†In the event that you’d like to do a giveaway, we will collaborate with you to choose an item or items from your shop to give away. On Instagram, this will function as a simple “tag a friend + follow both accounts” giveaway and will run for a mutually agreed-upon¬†duration.¬†We’ll randomly select a winner and you will have 5 business days to provide us with a tracking code as proof that the winning item was shipped.

Giveaways are not required but are a great way to grow your Instagram following, so they are definitely worth considering!

Refunds: We make no claims as to the results of paid company features. @PixieChatPix is simply offering you a one-time endorsement in exchange for payment and can make no guarantees as to whether it will result in more likes, followers or sales. Regardless of results, no refunds will be offered.

Denial of application: @PixieChatPix reserves the right to refuse or deny placement of a shop feature on our feed, for any reason and without explanation. However, we will make every effort to provide a reason if we decide not to feature you. Our desire is to help you grow, and we typically work with shops that provide products that are appealing and useful to our audience.

Multiple features: You may choose to purchase multiple features for posting on our Instagram feed; however, @PixieChatPix limits the number of features for a single shop to 1 per week. (Note: since features are currently free of charge, we are only offering one. We will update this page once that policy changes.)

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