Embracing Your Inner Silver Fox: How a Gray Pixie Cut Can Trim Years Off Your Face

This is a guest post from Pixie Cut Support Group member, Paula Joseph.

Paula is a high-school librarian, a wife, and a mom of two teens who recently embraced her gray hair in all its glory by getting a pixie cut. When she reached out to us about sharing her story, we couldn’t have been more thrilled! Check it out…

Paula Joseph's gray pixie haircut

Years and years ago in my early twenties, I saw a photo of a beautiful model in a magazine with the best pixie haircut. I ripped that photo out, took it to my hairdresser and said, “Let’s do it!”  My hair was rather long then, and she suggested we cut it in stages. But I wasn’t having that! I was ready to “go short or go home!” I left that salon with a gorgeous pixie haircut and a feeling of confidence like I had never had before, and I saved that photo for years as a reminder of my bravery on that day.

cutting it off

Fast forward 20 years and I found myself at age forty-six with long hair again. I had very gray roots, and my dark brown locks needed to be colored every three weeks. It was driving me absolutely crazy. Every time I looked in the mirror and saw those roots, I felt poorly about myself. I didn’t like the thought of getting older. After a few failed attempts at growing out the gray, I finally stuck with the process. The key for me was that I only colored my hair at the part, allowing the rest of it to grow out in all its gray glory! Eventually I had to stop coloring the part and I developed a lovely “skunk stripe”. When that stripe got to be about three inches wide, I knew what I had to do. I had the confidence to start the process of going completely gray, and I would leverage my short haircut to help me reach the finish line.

I took that same photo that I had from twenty years ago to my hairdresser. She was supportive of my transition from dark brown to gray and even more supportive of me cutting it into a pixie again. I walked out of the salon feeling better than I had felt in years.

Paula car selfie

I would highly recommend considering a pixie cut if you want to feel confident, and comfortable in your own skin, but especially if you’re going gray and want to embrace it!

We could not agree more with Paula’s ending statement. Short hair = confidence, and confidence goes a long way in helping you age gracefully. Plus, these days, there are people in their 20s and 30s who are dyeing their hair gray, just because it’s trendy. Don’t be afraid of your inner silver fox! If you’re struggling with the idea of getting older and are tired of the expensive hair color appointments, it might be time to consider embracing your gray.

As Paula shows, having a silver pixie can actually trim years off your face…

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