How to Gracefully Grow Out Your Pixie Cut: 10 Tips From @ezmialove

We found Ezmia on Instagram. Her pixie cut was so cute, we couldn’t resist a #repost. If you’re following our account, then you may remember seeing this not too long ago:

Do you love her ‘do as much as we do?

It wasn’t until a few days later that we realized she’s actually in the middle of growing it out…

She makes it look so easy that you can’t even tell. I asked her to share her story and tips for growing out a pixie cut for our readers, and she (thankfully)¬†obliged! She actually posted the entire journey over on her blog, but we’ve pulled out the top ten¬†tips that stood out to us as being the most helpful to any struggling pixie¬†aspiring to have long hair again.

Tip #1: Accept that you¬†will¬†have good and bad hair days.¬†You can’t expect perfection 24/7. Longhaired girls have bad hair days as much as shorthaired girls do. It’s a fact of life for the female sex. Prep yourself mentally beforehand, and don’t give up! Know that there will be plenty of good hair days ahead too. In the meantime, you can use hats, bandanas, and scarves to hide the mess.

Tip #2: Experiment with braids as your pixie gets longer.¬†It’s a creative way to style your pixie, and Ezmia proves that even shorthaired girls¬†can embrace the trend with ease:

If your hair isn’t quite ready for the braid, then try twisting 2 strands together instead to add texture and spunk to your look.

Tip #3: Change the placement of your part. You’ll be amazed at what a difference flipping your hair to the other side of your head makes. It can change your entire look in an instant and make your pixie feel brand new!

Tip #4: Trim the mullet.¬†This goes without saying. It’s a given. Make sure your stylist uses thinning shears and razors your hair along the neckline. This will ensure¬†a feminine look and help you avoid¬†the dreaded “mullet poof.”

Tip #5: Peruse Instagram and YouTube for inspiration. Ezmia mentions quite a few hair stylists and beauty vloggers¬†throughout her post that you can reference. Clearly it’s been helpful to her. On that note…

Tip #6: ¬†Find a photo to remind you of your #hairgoals. Hang it¬†on your bathroom mirror as motivation¬†to keep pushing forward and not give up! When I was growing out my pixie, Krysten Ritter’s blunt-fringed lob served me well:

Tip #7: Don’t wash your hair every day.¬†Excessive washing strips your hair of its natural oils and robs you of added texture that can actually help with your growout process. It can also lead to breaking which prolongs your progress even further. I find that when I go 2 or 3 days without washing, my hair looks even better than it did the last time I stepped out of the shower. And it’s much easier to style.

Tip #8: Wear makeup. Experiment with colors, and accentuate your eyes and lips for a feminine look that increases your confidence and distracts from flaws. Remember: red lipstick is your friend.

Tip #9: Do a coconut hair mask once a week. You can find Ezmia’s recipe toward¬†the end of her blog post. Better yet, incorporate some sort of hair detox into your regular maintenance routine to keep your locks healthy and encourage faster growth.

Tip #10: Take biotin! Ezmia takes 10,000 mcg daily, but you can experiment to find¬†the dose that’s right for you. In my experience, too¬†much can lead to oily skin and acne, which you definitely don’t want while you’re growing out your pixie. In lieu of a pill, you can also eat foods rich in biotin such as eggs, nuts (esp. ¬†peanuts and almonds), wheat bran, salmon, avocados,¬†and cheese.

BIG THANKS to Ezmia for sharing her story with us! Follow her blog and instagram account (@ezmialove) to keep up with her pixie progress.

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