How to Wear White Jeans With Confidence

I recently had a baby and had to buy an “interim” postpartum wardrobe. I know that between breastfeeding and yoga, I’ll be back to my pre-pregnancy size in no time, but I had no spring and summer clothing that fit me. A couple of trips to H&M and Target, and I’m golden! I was able to get a pretty decent-sized wardrobe for less than $300!

My midsection has me feeling less-than-confident lately. The extra fat was easy to shed after baby #1, but a second pregnancy makes things a bit more challenging. I’m actually a little surprised that trying on clothes (especially swimsuits) didn’t trigger postpartum depression. But I must remember that it took nine months for my belly to stretch, so I should give myself at least that much time to shrink back down before letting it get to me.

After spending several hours in the fitting room, I figured out some keys to feeling more confident after having a baby. I may not love the way my body looks right now (especially naked), but a few new outfits can do wonders for your self-esteem. I even bought a pair of white jeans.

Yes, white jeans! Not something a petite girl with engorged breasts, a Buddha belly and a big ol’ booty (by my standards) would typically feel comfortable wearing. But I found a way to make them work, and I think they look pretty good on me! (My husband was kind enough to play camera man for an hour or so while I desperately tried not to look so awkward in front of the lens.)

Outfit pic 1: white jeans and pale pink top
Jeans: Mossimo Mid-Rise Jegging | Top: WHO WHAT WEAR Textured Tunic Tank | Shoes: Sperry® Gladiator Sandals

Whether you recently had a baby or you just feel awkward about wearing white pants because of your body shape, here are four tips to help you rock this warm-weather trend with confidence.

Tip #1: Cover the areas you don’t feel so sure about. In my case it was pretty much my entire torso. I chose a loose-fitting, pale pink top with a high-cut neckline that covered my three b’s (boobs, belly, butt). My particular pair of white jeans is also mid-rise, which is much more flattering than a low-rise pair that would likely create a muffin-top.

Speaking of which . . .

Tip #2: Buy a pair that fits. I plan to lose the weight, and having to squeeze into a tight pair of pants would likely motivate me to do it faster. Still, I want to feel confident in the meantime, and having clothes that fit is more likely to boost my self-esteem than just barely fitting into a size 2. Also, I don’t want to shrink down too fast. Taking it slow will give my body time to heal and recover and prevent sagging skin.

Tip #3: Draw attention to your face. I did this by dyeing my pixie cut platinum blonde and putting on some makeup. Not much—just some tinted moisturizer, mascara, and lipgloss in a neutral shade. Just enough to bring out my natural beauty and make me feel more confident.

profile headshot of me in pale pink top

Tip #4: Let your toddler steal the show. This little girl makes me look and feel great no matter what I’m wearing! (Also, she does not feel bad about running around outside in her super-fashionable heart-printed PJs, so why should I feel bad about how I look in a pair of white pants?  🙂

Toddler running in front of me

What other tips do you have for feeling confident in white jeans? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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