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Perfect Birthday Gift Ideas for Pixie Cut Girls

We all have that one friend (or a few) who’s short hair is oh-so-sassy and fierce that most of the time you just want to chop off your long locks and steal her hairstyle! However, not everyone can pull that sass off – it’s reserved for specific types of girls, and we applaud them!

Now, when it comes to buying them a gift… well, you can’t just go plain on them, can you now? Pixie cut girls have unique taste, and you’ve got to honor that. Spending a lot of time with my sassy girls, I’ve learnt that individuality comes first with them, and they’ll appreciate a good quality gift anytime. So, to make it easier on you to honor your gorgeous friend, here’s a list of potential bday presents that will definitely put a smile on her face.

Hair styling product

Just as long locks need very careful treatments to keep the hair shiny and healthy, so do short hairdos. Believe it or not, short hair requires dedicated care. In fact, in many cases it’s even harder to keep it styled and maintained than long hair. Your pixie friend will definitely appreciate a high quality hair gel, hair spray, hair salt or any other hair product for styling short hair. If you are unsure what products rock in this department, consult with salon professionals – they know it all.

Hairdresser voucher

Ha! Yes, it’s about the hair again! Your friend will love you if you get her the appointment at that prestige salon in town everyone’s been trying to book. Short hair is especially costly to maintain. You have to cut it frequently, and when you add color to the mix, it gets to be extremely high-maintenance. Make the voucher out to her name and include hair cutting, coloring, and styling. It may cost you a pretty penny, but hey – she’s worth it, right?

Body and face piercings

Your fierce boo is surely hooked to piercings, isn’t she? If the answer to that is “yes”, then it’s pretty clear you’ll want to browse through piercing options at her favorite pierce studio. Buy her that trendy body piercing she’s been eyeing for weeks, and make it an amazing surprise! Or, buy her a face piercing if that’s the one she’s rocking – she’ll love it. Also, if she’s been talking about getting a new piercing but hasn’t had one done yet, buy her the voucher for it (yes, it appears vouchers are the word of day, but what can you do) and give it to her on her birthday. Or, you can play it cool, invite her out for coffee a few days prior to her b-day, and then – instead of taking her to a coffee shop, take her to that pierce studio!

A choker

No, not that kind of choker … unless she’s into that sort of thing. I was talking about the lately-trending chokers mimicking ‘90s vibe – everyone seems to be obsessing about them. I mean, a pixie girl has probably been rocking a choker since way before it started trending. In any case, buy one with a cute chain or dedication. She’ll love it!

A spa weekend

Who doesn’t love going to spas! Organizing a spa weekend for your pixie cut doll is going to rock her world, especially if she’s been stressed out with work lately. Make sure you find out what her favorite spa resort is and book a weekend. You may even go together and make it a real girl trip! Don’t forget to take pics and document the wonderful time you’ll be having there!

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