Tips for Going Blonde with a Pixie Cut

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: super short hair is super fun to color.

Last time I cut my hair off after growing it out, I put a streak of purple in the front, and I absolutely loved it.

me with purple hair

Other people did too. I got tons of compliments. At least until it faded and became this god-awful pink color…

me with faded purple hair

I’ve thought about bleaching my hair blonde with a pixie, but I’ve never had blonde hair before, so I’m a little scared of what it would look like. My biggest fear is ending up with an ugly yellow color similar to Anne Hathaway when she dyed her pixie.

Is it me, or does that color not suit her, like, at all? Maybe it’s the dark eye makeup and dark eyebrows, but I don’t think she pulled this look off very well. She definitely has the face for a pixie, but in my opinion, she looked worlds better as a brunette.

Yep. That’s more like it.

I consulted the gals in our Facebook support group for some advice on going blonde with a pixie, and here are some of the pointers I picked up:

Tip #1: Consult with a professional stylist to get the right shade. This is obviously where Anne went wrong. She may have consulted with her celebrity stylist, but I, personally, am not a fan of the blonde they chose. Or maybe she’s just one of those people who should never have blonde hair. Either way, her stylist should have told her that or picked out a shade that was more flattering for her skin tone. I have olive skin, so I’m betting this yellowish blonde would not do me any favors.

Tip #2: Consider dyeing your brows. This may be a personal preference, but I can’t stand it when someone has really dark eyebrows and really blonde hair. I’m a big fan of doing anything you can to make the dye job look more natural and less fake. You don’t need to bleach them white, but if they’re super dark, you may want to consider lightening them a little. Anne’s look is just way too much contrast for my taste.

Tip #3: Don’t plan on growing it out. At least not anytime soon, and if you do, be prepared to show off those roots, and then get rid of the blonde once it really starts to grow! If you keep bleaching your hair over and over, it’s bound to do some damage, which means growing it out is going to be a longer, harder process. Some people have expressed concerns over roots showing, but I think they actually look cute if done right.

Tip #4: Go for short and textured (not blunt). That way, if you decide to grow it out, the process will be easier. By creating texture, you can style it messy on purpose, which makes any damage done from over-dyeing less noticeable. It will also look better when your roots start to show.

Tip #5: Consider adding pink or purple. It’s super trendy right now and looks amazing.


Tip #6: Consider going gray. Another hot trend, especially if you have a young face.

Tip #7: Invest in good haircare products. Cheap shampoo is a no-no. Ask your stylist to recommend a shampoo and deep conditioner that will help you conserve the color and soften your strands. Going blonde is an intense procedure that can burn your beautiful locks if you’re not careful. Yes, your hair is short, but that doesn’t make it any less susceptible to damage.

I’m still too chicken to go blonde, and I’m actually in the middle of a gruesome grow-out right now. But if I ever do cut my hair into a pixie again (which is highly likely once I’m done having kids and my face thins out), I may give it a whirl. Until then, I’d love to hear your thoughts on going blonde with a pixie. Share your experiences, tips and tricks in a comment below!

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