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Why I Started a Fashion Blog

Confession: when I started the Pixie Cut Support Group on Facebook two years ago, I was trying to sell makeup.

I had just had a baby and was desperate to find a way to work from home so I could stay home with her. A friend of mine had joined Younique as an Independent Consultant, and it sounded like a dream. I had dabbled in other direct sales companies before, and I thought “why not?”

I also happened to be growing out my pixie cut at the time, and anyone who’s ever had short hair knows what a pain the grow-out process can be. You’ll need lots of makeup on hand to distract from those bad hair days (and there will be plenty!) As a makeup & skincare company, Younique happened to provide a solution for this, along with an easy way to start a home-based business.

At some point, I remember thinking to myself, “I wonder if there’s a support group for people like me. If not, there should be.” I searched Facebook (everyone’s go-to for “support” these days) and found nothing of the sort, so I figured I’d start one of my own. My intention was to create a network of women who were interested in beauty that I could eventually sell makeup to.

I know what you’re thinking. I’m a horrible person for having ulterior motives, but just hear me out . . .

Before having my first child, I worked at Belk as a fashion copywriter. When I started working there, I had zero interest in fashion and my own personal style was severely lacking. Previously, I had worked in the restaurant industry, so my work wardrobe consisted of white button-down oxfords, black pants, and Dansko clogs (a.k.a. kitchen shoes). My casual attire was made up of cheap leftovers from Plato’s Closet.

Pretty sad, right?

While working at Belk, I quickly learned that fashion is an art form. I started embracing current trends and dressing like I gave a damn, and not like a thrift shop-obsessed teenager. It helped that I was able to ditch the restaurant uniform in favor of fashion-savvy, business-casual attire. I also became somewhat of a beauty junkie (and have way more beauty products than any normal person should have in her makeup bag.)

I still have a lot to learn when it comes to fashion, but I do know one thing: it’s so much fun! And there’s something to be said about how the right outfit, makeup, and hairstyle can boost a girl’s confidence.

Now, I work from home, but not as a Younique consultant. (That didn’t last very long, and I never did end up trying to sell makeup to the girls in the Facebook group. It just felt sleazy to me.) I’m a marketing manager for a software company called FamilyArc. And in my free time (when I’m not chasing my toddler or nursing my newborn), I enjoy blogging for fun.

The Pixie Cut Support Group sort of blew up, without me really even trying to gain exposure for it. As more and more women requested to join every day, I thought I’d take my blogging and fashion experience and create something new. A community where pixies like me can go to find style inspiration.

And that’s how Pixie Chat was born.

In the spirit of community, this site was designed to be a collaborate effort—more of a magazine-style blog with multiple contributors who create a variety of style- and beauty-related content—rather than a solo fashion enthusiast posting outfits of the day—though, as I continue to build on my current fashion knowledge, I’ll be providing some of that too. After all, I need an excuse to doll myself up and take pictures every once in a while. It’s pretty tempting to wear pajamas all day when you work from home.

I’m always looking for contributors. So if you love fashion and/or beauty and you think you could talk about something that our audience of shorthaired girls would love, check out our guidelines, and pitch me a post!

No, you don’t have to have a pixie cut. You should know that I gave up on growing mine out though. Since I created this site, I feel like I’m sort of required to be a pixie for life. Plus, not to brag, but I think I look pretty awesome with short hair.

Especially since I went platinum . . . 😉

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