10 Reasons to Grow Out Your Pixie Cut

Thinking about growing out your pixie cut? The thought of going through that awkward phase between Bieber and bob makes you want to forget the idea altogether. Or maybe you’re already in the middle of it and ready to give up and cut it all off again.

Don’t do it!

At least not without reading this post first. One or more of the reasons below might make the grow-out process worth it for you in the end. Read on for 10 reasons to bite the bullet and grow out your pixie cut, as hard as it may seem.

Reason #1: You want more styling options … especially on bad hair days.  When you have long hair, it’s easy to pull it back or throw a hat on to hide the mess. It’s not as easy when you have a pixie.

Reason #2: Long hair makes you feel more confident. Some people say pixie cuts scream confidence, but that’s not necessarily the case for everyone. If you’re one of those people who just doesn’t pull it off well, then growing it out might be the better option.

Reason #3: Your ponytail looks more like the tail on a Doberman. Using bobby pins to pull it back is always a sign of desperation…


Reason #4: You could use a lesson (or 10) in patience. One lesson for each month you’ll spend growing it out until it finally reaches bob phase. It takes a lot of patience to grow out a pixie. If you’re trying to learn some, or you simply love a challenge, cut your hair off and grow it out again. (I’ve done it twice! Trust me, you’ll be the queen of patience at the end of it all…)

Reason #5: You live in a cold climate. Long hair keeps your ears and cheeks warm in 10-degree weather. Need I say more?

Reason #6: Braids are trendy. Thanks, Jennifer Lawrence (a.k.a. Katniss Everdeen.) You just had to make braids trendy and then get a pixie cut—both of which look amazing on your beautiful face. Now the rest of us women have no idea what the hell to do with ourselves.

And you make growing it out look so easy, which makes me hate to love you even more…

Jennifer Lawrence bob haircut
Source: Wikimedia

Reason #7: Ombre. Only the coolest dye job ever. I guess you could do it with short hair, but it’ll probably just look like your roots have grown out too much. It works much better, and looks intentional on long hair.

Reason #8: You have thick, curly locks. Don’t get me wrong. I think curly pixie cuts are absolutely adorable. But if I had hair like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, I’d wanna flaunt it.

Julia Roberts Pretty Woman
Image Source

Reason #9: You don’t like wearing makeup. Having short hair means being willing to show off more of your face. Makeup is a lifesaver for a pixie cut on a bad hair day. There’s nothing some mascara and red lipstick can’t fix … or at least distract people from seeing.

Reason #10: It’s time for a change. Maybe you’ve had short hair for years and you want something different. It might sound simple, but a desire for change is as good a reason as any of the others we’ve mentioned here!

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